The Single Male Debate And The Empowering Nature of Nudity

There are more single men in naturism than women – couples or singles. I can understand why. Not to put it too bluntly some of these single men are voyeurs, peeping toms and photographers looking for a ‘dirty’ photo. And that’s probably more than anything the reason why there are fewer women.

But not all men are there to perv. There are genuine M/F couples and single men who are completely safe, trustworthy and following the naturist and nudist code. But they find it incredibly difficult to get into clubs and swims without a female by their side. Of course, a group’s priority is towards the safety and privacy of its members and I entirely agree with their stance. As a member of such a club, I want to know that my privacy is paramount.

Getting the balance right (source)

Getting the balance right (source)

Myself and my boyfriend do try to introduce our female friends, single or otherwise, to the naturist community. Understandably, people (particularly in the 20s/30s age groups) are shy.

But more often than not we have two issues to contend with. Firstly, the proliferation of complicated body issues. The media and peer pressure have left many women unable to accept themselves as individual and beautiful people, always feeling that they don’t match up to the perfect body they see in photoshopped images in fashion magazines and beauty billboards.

The other issue is ‘territorial partners’. They are welcome to come too of course but men are generally (and again I can see their point) protective of their female counterparts. This presumably comes back to associating the naturist community with sexual misconduct. They think men will be looking at their naked girlfriends. Well yes they will, but they won’t be wanting to chat them up or seduce them. It’s a difficult separation to make for most on the vanilla side of nude.

I don’t have an answer to this one, but it’s a problem for any club trying to encourage new members and boost the female ratio of their memberships. Many do not allow single men to join, which is a shame for the genuine single male naturists amongst them.

Existing members (in my experience) can bring guests and we have taken friends to swim nights whilst making sure to inform the club beforehand. It means guests don’t have to turn up alone and are with friends they know they can trust. Many of them are off chatting to other people before we know it. Our work is done. But I have yet to introduce someone to our swim who wasn’t already keen to attend and issues free.

Issues are fine and possible to overcome to a degree. I have found the naturist community the most empowering thing I have ever done for the perception of how I see myself. I am who I am. If you had asked me that a year ago, I was getting on the weight scales every day. But it doesn’t matter now. As long as I am fit and healthy so I can enjoy life to the full that’s all that matters. Many attendees aren’t so fortunate in health or weight but I’m not judging because we only have one body and I don’t judge whether you’re five stone or 50 stone. A swim might be the only place they can go to avoid scorn and judgement of the physical way they look.

Naturism is a beautiful and simplistic way of life. It does not judge the size of your bottom, breasts or how big your pecs are. You are you. Genuine naturists see that, and that’s all they see. Embrace it.

You might never find another community who accepts you so completely for who you are.

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3 responses to “The Single Male Debate And The Empowering Nature of Nudity”

  1. bradfilippone says :

    I know exactly what you are saying. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia. My public naturist activity is confined to visiting our local nude beach in the summer. There IS a naturist club nearby that meets once a month in an indoor pool. But it is closed to single men because those who run it are worried that an overabundance of men will scare the women away. I was permitted to go to one swim over a decade ago to try it out. They were nice people, some of whom I’d known from the beach. But I am unable to go again without a woman going with me. I’m told it doesn’t have to be a significant other, merely a female friend. But the problem is, all the female naturists I know are either already a member or not interested in joining. As a male, I don’t feel comfortable asking one of my female non-naturist friends, because I know that like most people they grew up conditioned to be afraid of nudity. I do have one hope. One of my female friends does want to go to the beach, and might be interested in joining the club, but she hardly has any spare time. No problems asking her, since she and I have been nude in each other’s presence many times, mainly the numerous times we’ve relaxed in a hot tub together. But she’s normally too busy to add new things to her schedule. So it looks as if for the time being I’m left out of the club.

    • genevieveharvey18 says :

      I think it’s a real shame for genuine naturist guys who are definitely missing out. Surely if you have female friends who are already members they should be able to vouch for you? Sadly it’s a minefield and the imbalance in the sexes is an issue for clubs. I do hope you find someone to go to a club with. It’s such a shame you’re only restricted to a beach. :(

  2. Colin H says :

    The single male naturist issue is a major one for so many people. There are a lot more single men than single women naturists and I think a major concern is feelings of vulnerability. In a clothed social environment women are far more likely to have unwanted attention from men than the other way around. To be honest, men seem far more likely to get unwanted attention from other men than from women. This is why women usually go clubbing in groups. For security, as much as for company.
    In a naturist context the single man, not anticipating unwanted attention, has far fewer qualms about going to nude social events than a single woman.
    The insistence on a ‘gender balance’ further exacerbates the issue, as it gives any single male nudist a further reason to try to get close to any single female nudist. The desire to get friendly with women, who have an interest in nudism, in order to have someone with which to go to nudist events etc, is likely to be seen by the lone female as having a sexual motive. (It may, but it may not. It is impossible to tell at first) Hence even more unwanted attention for any single females and more reason for women to avoid naturism.
    I’m yet another single male naturist who has been denied membership of my local naturist group on the grounds of gender and I know a few others in the same circumstances. I feel compelled to go on, but I’d better stop. I’ll probably give a long rant about this on my own blog instead.

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