Are Naked People Ugly?

The other day, on Twitter, I was faced with the line:

‘Why are people who like walking around nude always people who don’t look good naked?’

For one this is a bit of a generalisation. I know some attractive and very svelte naturists. Secondly, I guess it depends on what you consider good looking? If you match your ‘beauty’ scale to what is spoon fed to us by the media, then yes I suppose most people will not match up to your standards.

Perhaps the beauty is in the naked body as it is – natures creation in all its shapes, colours and sizes. But if in your book beauty equates to sexuality you may be looking at naturism in entirely the wrong way. Because naked and naturism is not about attraction, beauty or sex – it is simply about having the ability to take your clothes off and enjoy it.

I totally understand how people struggle to separate sex and nakedness. I really do. But until you can get a grip of that concept, maybe naturism isn’t your thing.

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30 responses to “Are Naked People Ugly?”

  1. Shawn Williams (Slayerx1010) says :

    I just ignore comments like those as they are ill-informed assumptions. Also; Spoon fed would be a massive understatement.

  2. smoothalx says :

    I’ve heard the similar complains and normally comes from younger people commenting about older people. Perhaps is that they just can separate nudity from sex.

  3. naturalian says :

    I know at 66 I’m not the same shape as I was in my 30’s but should that stop me being the naturist I always was and will be?

  4. sassycoupleok says :

    We truly enjoy our nude lifestyle and find beauty in all regardless of size and shape. Beauty for most is far more than skin deep.

  5. bradfilippone says :

    I have heard this “complaint” phrased as a joke–or at least it is a joke in the eyes of the person telling it. I am so tired of it.
    The thing is, the people who look ugly nude–and to be honest I never personally call anyone ugly, it’s all in the eye of the beholder, after all–also tend to look ugly when they are completely dressed. So why pick on the fact that they are nude?

    • Tom Mulhall says :

      I too am so tired of this “joke.” It is said by guys that are probably very insecure with their own bodies and feel better by hating on others. Nudism is a cross section of society. True beauty is whats in the heart not on the skin. The bad thing about this is the media constantly repeats it and tries to make nudists out as aging hippies and once they pass on no one else will enjoy it.

  6. Martin Striegel says :

    our bodies is just a shell of our inner beauty, It takes an ugly person to call another person ugly

  7. aznaturist says :

    People making that kind of comment don’t understand that we are not taking our clothes off for THEIR benefit. I have a feeling that most who would make such a comment would be too embarrassed to take their clothes off due to their own body self-image issues. Too bad for them.

  8. Danny Campbell says :

    What a sad way to live – being so concerned about what others think which could keep you from enjoying your own life. People are the same with or without clothes and all of us are ‘imperfect’. Those who are less ‘athletic’ simply blend in – perhaps more easily at nudist resorts which tend to be more accepting of that fact. A little encouragement and support goes a long way. If you are happy with the way you are, I’m good with that. If you want to change things, I’m here to help.

    • genevieveharvey18 says :

      It’s a frightening reality though. I am currently working with a team of young people and some of the girls are obsessed with their physical image to the point of starvation for no other reason than it must be the world around them. We are addressing these issues but I do blame the press and the fashion industry for a lot of it.

  9. Colin H says :

    I’ve heard this quite often, usually followed by the words “I don’t want to look at that.” Naturism is not about what they want to see. Some people can’t separate nudity from porn. (the porn sites claiming to be naturist sites don’t help this matter) They don’t seem to realise that our decision to be naked is not because we want to show off our bodies for their gratification.

  10. nudeyman says :

    Yes you see this in comments on articles about Nudism all the time “why are all the nudists fat/old/ugly?” etc or “why don’t hot young girls go nude?”

    Well if people take a look around at any social gathering in public, say at a football game etc. I’m quite sure you will see the same mix of fat/old/ugly people as well, just they are clothed & in answer to the question about why young hot girls don’t go nude is because probably they don’t want to be ogled by the perverts only there to look at hot young girls!

    As others have said above, Naturists are not getting nude to please anyone else or to show off our bodies, also more than likely these people who complain about the lack of hot people are less than “hot” themselves…

    • Susan says :

      The probable reason hot young girls don’t go nude is because of comments like that

      • genevieveharvey18 says :

        People are very critical. Media images make both men and women very self conscious and sometimes unable to accept themselves for who they are and when you are bombarded by such ideals it can be very hard to realise that actually these things don’t matter to genuine people. It’s why real naturism is so liberating.

    • sassycoupleok says :

      Amen to that !!

      • Susan says :

        My daughter is 5’11” and is a size 10 (about a 6 in USA) She was told by a modelling agent in Milan that she would have to “shrink” at least one dress size. We were shocked. And no, she didn’t do as they told her. She’s grown up knowing who she is! Grrrrr

  11. Matthew Chiglinsky says :

    “Apparently, what nudists/naturists don’t realize (or admit) is that the human body has always been sexual. Sexuality is natural. Without sexual attraction (to other people’s bodies), there would be no impetus for sexual reproduction, and the human race would have died off thousands of years ago.”

    • nudeyman says :

      Matthew, yes sexuality is normal… It’s not that we don’t accept that the human body is sexual, it’s just that we have learnt to control our urge to “rub our bodies “together as you put it in your article… my wife & I are naked around the house/on bushwalks/canoe trips/picnics etc. & we don’t feel the urge to have sex all the time, but having said that we have on occasion when we are in a remote enough area where we are guaranteed to not be interrupted (just like in a bedroom) have engaged in love making, but that is not the reason we have gone naked in the wilds in the first place….

      A lot of people have asked me “don’t you stop getting turned on by seeing your naked wife all the time?” I answer that in fact it enhances our love making because we are open about our bodies & we give more of ourselves to each other.

      In regards wearing clothes being more sexual, not all clothing but more swimwear IMHO, for example a g string bikini with a small area at the front barely covering the pubic mound draws your eyes to the genital area & highlights this area.

  12. Paul C says :

    Oh, how about being a bit provocative by saying, and accepting, “Yes, we are all actually really, really ugly”. I don’t care whether it is is actually true and how would you actually go about ‘proving’ it given how subjective the topic is. I don’t even care whether I even care to believe it. Because it simply does not and should not matter.

    Here’s the bottom line, as far as I am concerned. My naked appearance or your naked appearance might have me raising an eyebrow in surprise and in incredulity. It might have me wrinkling my nose in instinctive distaste, but it won’t ever see me having a heart attack or a stroke generated out of shock. It won’t see anyone being psychologically damaged or struck dead. As far as I am concerned that means the naked body meets the lowest common denominator of a standard for social compatibility. Such a standard does not, nor should not, be too high or arbitrary.

  13. tim says :

    maybe people with the right mind set don’t find other people then there own partner attractive….

  14. Matthew Chiglinsky says :

    The concept of “beautiful” is not the same as the concept of “sexual”, by the way. I think the author sort of mistakenly combined those two ideas.

    For instance, a person could pose the question of why only unattractive clothed people shop at a certain store. Then it is clear that the question is about beauty, not about sexuality.

    It’s okay, though, because the author’s mistake gave me a chance to make the point I wanted to make about nudity being sexual.

  15. The Activist says :

    We love walking around naked its good for the body and its good for the soul too

  16. Seetharama says :

    naked is natural and beutiful

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