Living Life In The Nude

Can it be done? Can you actually live your life naked? I say no. Not unless you live on a desert island or at a naturist retreat. It’s just not practical.

For a start, as I sit and type this I look out of the window, which opens out onto a busy family street, and it’s raining. I went out in knitwear today. It’s too cold for skinny vests let alone ‘eau naturale’. And my neighbours would have issue with my choice of undress. I am, if nothing else, considerate.

These thoughts crossed my mind as I read about Lena Dunham, actress, filmmaker and star and creator of HBO’s series ‘Girls‘ who has recently announced via her Twitter feed that she is going to dispense with clothes and live nude. I am dubious of her claim. I can’t find a reference to it anywhere else. But if it’s true and she does it, for someone like her this is a great publicity stunt. Whilst she has been cited ‘brave’ by an anonymous feminist, I don’t think there’s anything particularly empowering about showing that ‘….any woman can get naked on TV, even if people are covering their eyes and screaming at her to stop.’

You want them to be amazed, agog, admirable, not screaming and running away. That’s not empowerment, that’s just insulting and crushing to your self esteem. And that is not a good naturism message at all.  Additionally she described the people she wanted to inspire as ‘twats’.

The article I initially read on ‘Little Miss Perfect‘ didn’t really tell me why Ms Dunham was shedding her clothes for apparent eternity but as it appeared on my Twitter feed which is naturism only I felt it required a naturist response. I wanted to delve a little deeper to find out exactly what all this was about but I couldn’t find anything.

This is Lena's art (source)

This is Lena’s art but don’t confuse it with naturism (source)

Regardless of her naked stance you have to hand it to Lena that she knows how to vent creatively. In an interview back in January she said that she got a sense there are some ’58-year-olds who wished she was dead…’, possibly with reference to radio host Howard Stern, who controversially called her a ‘talentless little fat chick’ on his show. You would want to hit out at that kind of comment wouldn’t you? He later apologised.

It’s that kind of attitude that can cause a life time of body issue struggles for any girl. But it seems to be like water off a duck’s back to Lena Dunham.  She loves her body and that’s all that matters. Go Lena. Anyway, despite much trolling on the internet I haven’t found any other references to her comment about not wearing any clothes. I’m sure if she does, it will be a success. She moves in the right circles. She’ll get away with it. And now I feel compelled to give ‘Girls’ a go.

But back to the naked lifestyle. I know there are people on my Twitter who strip off the second they get in the door. These are people with their own homes. Privacy, perhaps non-nosey neighbours or an acre of land. Many of us don’t have that sort of luxury. And unless you are living in a hot country and don’t have the issue of commuting to work or traveling anywhere much, being naked 24 / 7 surely isn’t practical.

But maybe you can surprise me. If there are people out there genuinely living the naked dream and getting away with it, please let me know. They deserve a hi-5.

Naked 24 / 7 (source)

Naked 24 / 7 (source)

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17 responses to “Living Life In The Nude”

  1. abbybyrd says :

    That’s just a satirical article. Humor. Not real.

    • genevieveharvey18 says :

      Ahhh ok. Did she not Twitter that comment then and is the feminist comment also fake? In any case it lead me to a real topic I wanted to cover so it kind of worked. Let me know if all the article is made up though and make the alterations. :)

  2. Matthew Chiglinsky says :

    “One of the most insightful arguments I’ve ever found (and I wish I knew the source) against the lifestyle known as nudism/naturism is that most normal people actually have no problem with a certain amount of nudity (nude arms and hands, nude face and neck, nude legs and feet, …)

    So, the only thing that really separates nudists/naturists from normal people is that nudists/naturists believe in going a step further and exposing their genitals. That should make you pause for a moment. Why would someone specifically want to expose his/her genitals to other people?”

    • Notanlines Guy says :

      Baring ones arms isn’t nudity, lol. And nudists don’t shed their clothes “specifically to expose their genitals”. Your statements are ludicrous and intended to create an ignorant bias against nudists. Nudists shed All their clothes to free themselves of the restrictions of clothes and to live free. Nudists are simply not ashamed of their bodies, any part of it, and don’t have this silly unfounded fear of seeing someone’s genitals. We don’t Hide our bodies which are the most amazing creation god could create, in all shapes, sizes and colors.

    • Jerry says :

      Why not? they are just body parts like your nose, ears, fingers and toes?

    • Samuel says :

      The only thing that makes me pause for a moment is the level you (Matthew) are willing to go to in order to denegrate those you lack the ability or desire to understand, and disagree with.

    • James Burtnett (@Hipcowboy420) says :

      Do you have a problem with your body? Well tell your God he fucked up! lol

  3. Michael says :

    The only thing that stops me living life in the nude is the Police (fear of prosecution) and the yobs (fear of being beaten up). Otherwise I would do it. I do not see the problem with genitals. Everybody has them so what is the big issue.

  4. Alan Christensen says :

    Im pretty close to a fulltime nudist. I live in a nudist community, Kaniksu in Washington State during the summer and Shangrila in Arizona in winter.

  5. Rich says :

    I live nude. People that come in to my house know. And I work from home.

  6. Dan says :

    Matthew the article talks about most people going home and stripping off their clothes in the privacy of their homes. Most nudists are not abut showing off just want to be free from clothes when it is warm. Nudists are average people of all shapes and sizes most dont have anything to show off anyway. Everyone has the same parts. If the intent is more of an exhibitionist thing those people will realize soon that is not what it is about and will get bored.

  7. stephen russell says :

    & live nude in a remote rural setting Yes, aside naturist resort/hotel
    otherwise No & or U camp in high rural mtn etc spaces nude
    Cant be done anyplace else
    Locales for living nude: Hawaii, NV NM TX CO WY ID MN SD ND OR WA areas in rural venues & not in winter unless its in the 80s F plus in winter

  8. Andy says :

    The article is definitely satirical/fictional… there’s no mention in Lena Dunham’s Twitter feed ( of any plans to abandon clothing for a year, and the fact that the article ends with the line “In a recent interview, Dunham said she hopes to inspire every privileged, self-absorbed twat in New York City who wants her own $13.5 million book deal and television show starring herself and other privileged, self-absorbed twats” seems to show that the writer’s creating a fictionalised Lena Dunham, rather than reporting anything she’s actually said.

  9. Bianca says :

    Bianca and Bob says
    The vast majority of people who already experienced naturism or nudism like because it is natural. Nudism is exciting and addictive, the more time the person is naked, more naked time want to be. If weather permits and there are no problems with other people, who knows the nude want to stay as long as possible naked. Want to get home and take off her clothes, not to put them back. So we are. Try and tell me.

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