Social Nudity At Home

Now that myself and my boyfriend have acquired usage of an eight man hot tub on a regular basis I have an overwhelming desire to throw open my doors and invite naturist friends over for an evening under the stars. It’s been one of those little dreams of mine.

We are extremely lucky to have two naturists friends of very similar ages living in the next village. We met at our local swim and try to catch up whenever we can though we all lead busy lives. In the past we’ve all been very restricted by living arrangements but things are changing so last weekend they came over for a try out. It was our first ‘by invitation’ to the hot tub and a more relaxed way to spend an evening you could not hope for. Being able to share it with equally liberal people is just plain lucky, from our experience and something we’re hoping will become a part of our routine.

I think as time goes on we will arrange a few more meetings. We’re very mindful to bring in people we know since letting strangers into your own home on any level comes with potential risks.  But it means we are no longer restricted by the availability of organised club gatherings, expensive travel or the weather which have always been the things which have prevented us from doing whatever we wanted.

So how do you entertain naked at home? If you’re lucky enough to have private space do you invite friends over or are you a well kept secret?

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9 responses to “Social Nudity At Home”

  1. getnakedgetawesome says :

    I think we would entertain if we had something to offer people besides just social nudity. If we had a hot tub or a local swim to entice people to visit, we would be quite happy to invite them to also visit our house. But as it is, Derby doesn’t have any local naturist venues or events, and we can’t give people the incentive of something fun to do. I’ve had one naturist friend visit – we watched a movie and played cards. She was only able to visit because she was also seeing friends in Nottingham though. We don’t have a private garden or even a dining table so fellow naturists have almost no reason to visit us, sadly.

    • kathy says :

      We’re nude most of the time, indoors or out – weather permitting. We have several friend couples who are like minded. We cook out and have friends over to swim in our pool. Yes, it’s obvious at times, some of the guys become amorous. But, THAT is natural and normal – nothing to be ashamed of or hide. The body is to be admired – not hidden.

      • getnakedgetawesome says :

        Thanks for your input.
        I’m curious when you talk about guys who “become amorous”? You act like this is an inevitable aspect of social nudity – that is something I fundamentally disagree with, as I think most genuine naturists would. There is no reason for mixed-gender social nudity to turn sexual and to argue that this is a natural progression undoes a lot of hard work done by the naturist movement to portray social nudity as an inclusive, family-friendly thing.
        Sex is natural and we should not be prudish about sexuality. But it is a separate thing to naturism and we shouldn’t confuse things by muddying the two together.
        Also “the body is to be admired” sounds like something positive at first. But to me it also evokes some unsavoury impressions – voyeurism, sexual exhibitionism and so on. I believe in body acceptance more than body admiration – I go nude not to be admired but because nudity is a normal, natural, positive state of being. It’s not about seeing or being seen.

      • kathy says :

        I used the term “amorous”, not in the true sense of exhibiting their feelings. But instead of saying they get erections. THAT is what I think is natural. It’s not a sexual reaction, but a normal occurrence. Our boys know not to go run and hide because of it.

        Secondly, I was brought up being told the body was to be admired. That doesn’t mean shown off. We are all beautiful, regardless of how we look. Does that make sense?

        We enjoy nude camping – not in tents – we have moved up to a 5th wheel. There are many nice, safe, legal nude camping areas the we all enjoy. We don’t go to “resorts”.

  2. gregg says :

    we just go about entertaining as normal, tv, pool, spa, sit around and BS, walk about the property, watch the peacocks, have bbqs and anything else you can think of doing with social friends. Just be nude and they will follow

  3. kathy says :

    We raised our boys in a home where nudity is the norm. Our back yard affords us the ability to be nude anytime. I can’t remember the last time we wore bathing suits in our pool! How many moms get to see their kids grow and develop without shame, without thought to modesty?

  4. kathy says :

    We enjoy camping in our 5th wheel. When ever possible, we camp at nude campgrounds. There’s nothing nicer than hiking or just having a cookout with other like minded families.

  5. Peter Vernon says :

    We don’t entertain that often but it’s really not a question of nude or otherwise but of how in general. Our normal forms are either a BBQ or dinner. We are fortunate enough to have a pool and a page covered area out the back, which we’ve just added shades to for cooling and additional privacy.

    Clothed or not the format stays the same though for nude gatherings the pool and spa get a lot more use.

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