The Naturist Massage

Okay so let me throw another one into the mix.

We’ve done the sexual connotations of nude photography and the naturist angle, alcohol and how it apparently turns us all into swingers. Now what about the naturist massage?  Like the naturist photography session which may focus entirely on a nubile young female model, the naturist massage also has its fair share of unwanted sexual connotation. Many massage parlours that offer ‘happy endings’ list themselves under the banner of ‘naturist’.

But just as being naked should not mean sexual activity why does the act of giving or receiving a massage where one or both involved are naked suggest it should be sexual?

There are naturist masseurs who always remain dressed and it is only the recipient who is naked. There are genuine massages where both are naked. But it does not mean there will be sexual activity of any kind.

I am an advocate of massage. It’s one of my favourite past times. I give and receive. I even have my own table. If I had the money I would hire my own masseuse! I am not trained but I have taken a little instruction from a trained professional and it’s a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

With your partner it can be the most intimate of experiences no matter how far you do or don’t go, but equally it can be and is entirely platonic with friends or acquaintances. On the other hand I have visited a lovely lady who resides up north and gives full on ‘naturist massages’ with the happy ending. I don’t consider her a naturist just because she strips down to her underwear but I don’t deny it’s a very pleasurable experience. It’s a very separate part of her business for those who ‘need to know’. But I don’t equate this particular service with the naturist lifestyle at all.

I read an article on Naturist Freedom UK a while back which gave an interesting insight into the working practices of a naturist and masseuse who chooses to remain clothed whilst at work.  A wider gap between naturism and sex you could not wish to see. I applaud her professional boundaries and for sticking to them no matter how many times she gets asked for the little ‘extras’. Of course she gets her fair share of enquiries, but when it’s made clear she is going to be clothed, she doesn’t get a booking. These callers aren’t naturists though – at least not as far as I’m concerned. But it does imply that the link between naturist and massage suggests a more sexual form of service is expected purely because of the nudity aspect of it.

I wish my local swim would offer naturist massage sessions. We have saunas, steam rooms and jacuzzi’s and to all intents and purposes it is a bit like a mini spa although not quite as luxurious and certainly not as expensive. But a massage or therapy room really would be the icing on the cake and to me is in keeping with the ethos of what naturism is about.

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12 responses to “The Naturist Massage”

  1. All Nudist says :

    As with anything that includes ‘nude, nudist, naturist’ in the title, the public assumption is that sex is somehow involved. A quick Google search shows the inevitable association with nude photos, porn, or sexual services that dominates popular search results for ‘nudist’ or ‘naturist’.

    We can’t change that overnight, if ever, but at least we can do everything we can to portray nudism.naturism in a manner truly representative of our lifestyle. We can’t stop others, non-nudists, from co-opting our terms for our lifestyle, but we CAN avoid adding to the confusion by making sure that what we do always reflects those naturist values we hold so dear.

    As far as massages are concerned, just exactly when does a nude massage become a ‘naturist’ massage? Would not ‘nude massage’ convey what is to be expected just as well without possibly compromising our image, at least in the eyes of the beholder? Especially considering that, to many, ‘naturist’ means ‘happy ending’!

    Why use ‘naturist’ when ‘nude’ fits, unless the desire is to imply something different from a nude massage? If so, what IS that difference?

    • Anna says :

      I always think ‘naturist’ means somebody who live a lifestyle of being nude. ‘Nude’ is just a word that means not wearing clothes. #nudistphilosophy

  2. homeclothesfree says :

    Reblogged this on home clothes free and commented:
    The resort I vist has massage therapist on site. The one I have used is very professional and I have had this conversation with her about people wanting something more from her becuase they think that will go at a clothing optional resort. I posted about this here.

    • All Nudist says :

      We know a couple of massage therapists that offer nude massage (one is clothed while doing it) and both are frequently solicited for more. Why not? Nudity means sex, doesn’t it? :-(

  3. genevieveharvey18 says :

    To me a naturist or nude massage simply means the recipient is nude. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the masseuse is and it certainly doesn’t mean that there is anything sexual about it. Many massage places don’t allow clients to be nude so to me being nude on the table is a naturist massage. And I don’t think that the masseuse being nude adds anything more to my experience persae. It’s what I am wearing that matters in this instance.

    • All Nudist says :

      ‘Nude’ massage is pretty clear and self-explanatory, but still not sure where ‘naturist’ comes in unless it’s at a naturist venue. As to the masseuse being nude, that could be for a number of reasons, some of which have nothing to do with naturism but a lot to do with nudity!

      ‘Happy endings’, of course, don’t belong anywhere near the term ‘naturist’!

    • smoothalx says :

      Exactly! For me a naturist massage is when the receiver is able to be fully nude, no towel / sheet coverups. I personally enjoy my massages, nude of course, very low light and with my eyes shut. Why would I care if the person giving the massages is nude at all? A nude or clothed masseuse is not what matters.

  4. Peter Vernon says :

    On a cruise this year we did a massage course, well a single lesson for getting started. There was about twenty couples there and all naked. It was all very natural and very relaxing.

    If more people could have experiences like this it would change a lot of perceptions, but the real issue is getting them through the door in the first place.

  5. Keith says :

    I’m a professionally licensed massage therapist for 20 years now and have plenty of clients who go nude….never a problem,the trust is there and having that trust is the only true turn on….almost sacred. I’d be available for groups or resorts to do massage or to teach.

    • genevieveharvey18 says :

      I agree. A lot of it is about the relationship you build with your masseuse. I think it can take a bit of time but some appreciate that being nude is an important part of the massage experience. :-)

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