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The Naked Service Provider

I am teetering on the edge of being able to market myself as a naturist service provider. It’s starting to look like I may be moving home again. But this time I will have enough space to take my business from its studio to my new home. And this means I will be able to work naked.

But my business as a seamstress is perhaps one of the strangest juxtapositions I have ever heard. I don’t know if I can sell my services on the strength of my own non-clothed status. But can any service? Or is being naked at your job just an interesting aside to whatever it is that you do anyway?

Of course, you can’t walk around naked all the time so you might as well spend your money on clothes you are comfortable in when you have to wear them. And I guess that’s where I come in.

I have seen occasional advertisements for naturist service providers – from legit masseurs to plumbers and gardeners. I know of nude photographers (that’s where you’re naked not just your model okay?) and naked artists. I am also aware of homeworkers who spend their office hours in the nude.

But do you work in an office or other mixed environment where you are naked? Are your colleagues all naked too? Or do you have to specifically set up a company for your naturist friends in order to populate it with the people you need?

Naked at the office (source)

Nude House in Amersham, recruits naked office workers (source)

I guess it would be too much to expect naturists to be able to work eau naturale in a standard office environment. However Nude House in Amersham, Buckinghamshire, which bills itself as ‘the first company in the world that utilises the selling skills of nudists to create a comfortable environment for these nudists to operate from commercially’ is aiming to start up other ‘Nude Houses’ around the world.

Clearly this is of wider interest to the community. The International Naturist Business Association seeks to provide support to businesses and services who earn all or part of their income from the naturism industry.

Many naturist websites have a business directory for those individuals who want to integrate nudism into their business.

Nora Parrell - artist at work (source)

Noah Parrell – artist at work (source)

A lot of creatives are able to work naked. Naked art is very popular. And I suppose that’s partly because of their working environment. They mostly work alone in a home studio or other stand alone space. Of course art also attracts more open minded individuals so it’s no wonder so many creatives work nude. So in a way its keeping the naked aspect very much behind closed doors. But is it even thinkable that people could work naked in a textile office environment in the future? I think not.

I honestly don’t think nudity in public as a lifestyle choice is ever going to happen. It will always be under a certain level privacy whether it’s a closed club, business such as ‘Nude House’ or someone’s home and I think that’s just the way it is. Because people’s reactions to nudity aren’t going to change.

I found a question on Yahoo Answers from a woman naked Danielle who suggested an optional ‘Naked Day’ at work could be quite fun. The responses were saddening. One responder described a naked day at the office as being ’embarrassing, inconvenient, humiliating and just pointless’. Others said they didn’t want to see their coworkers even partially unclothed and someone suggested it would just be full of fat old men.

Until you can deal with this sort of attitude you will be struggling. And I don’t think you can challenge people with these attitudes. Because you cannot force people to understand what nudity is really about. They have to understand it for themselves.


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