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Naturists as Pornography – Can You Ever Break the Bond Between Nudity and Sex?

We’ve been gearing up for WNBR Manchester this Friday. In preparation we’ve been looking for pictures to remind ourselves what to expect and how to deal with any unwanted attention and ‘snap happy tourists’ there for more than just the bike ride. We’ve noticed the same photographers turning up again and again at events around the UK.

My partners concern is that he’s found A LOT of images from last year’s Manchester ride (and WNBRs from all over the world) on a number of amateur porn sites and porn forums specifically under ‘Exhibitionists and Voyers’ threads. So far 195 individual postings for this year’s events alone.

How these images constitute porn I have no idea. And why should I be branded an exhibitionist because I like to be naked? There is nothing sexy about these images as far as I am concerned. It’s just people, specifically women (well surprise surprise!) with no clothes on. Wow! I had no idea naked women had boobs and vaginas. Shock horror!

There were comments by disappointed posters at how it was mostly men who went all over naked whilst the girls only went topless. All the images had a female at the centre of its focus and wherever possible an unsubtle close up of tits, arse and crotch, whether naked or not. There are people at the WNBR’s specifically to get intimate photographs of the female participants.

We visited our local naturist swim last night and had not a care in the world. Everyone is there for the same reason. It’s a safe and mutual environment to be naked in. But already we are planning our strategy for dealing with the number of amateur photographers who will be in Manchester solely to get images for their own personal gratification.

Now whilst I would like to be able to show you a picture of our ride on Friday, I suspect there will be none of myself and my boyfriend (except the ones that will inevitably turn up on some wank site). Seeing the number of images of our friends on porn sites as a result of last year’s ride have made my boyfriend unusually protective of my modesty this coming Friday. And you know what, I don’t blame him.

I know there will always be a few ‘dodgy’ characters at any event like this, but there were literally dozens of pictures of our friend on there.  And it was saddening to think she is all over the internet on some pretty poor sex sites just because she got her kit off with hundreds of other people and stood next to a bicycle.

I don’t mind photos being taken for the right reasons, but not so a bunch of guys can circulate it on the internet and then bang off to it of an evening. I’m sorry, but that’s what it amounts to. Simple nudity should be just that. It’s things like this that are turning us into a nation of ‘never nudes‘. And yet it’s the one thing we all have in common – nakedness.

I realise there are guys out there who will always be turned on by the simplest of nudity because their culture or their lifestyles dictate that it will always be taboo. But I will be keeping my distance from publicity on this one. I’m not particularly keen on ending up on a low level forum or have my boyfriend reading poorly strung together unsavory comments on the internet.


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